…………….BECOMING YOU………..

IT IS GO GO AGAIN!  The format opens up with creativity and enterprise of Textrip [Pvt] Ltd of  Bentota of Elasto fame.

This time it is at the foyer of Crescat- Colombo’s best footpath for the quality hungry customer with affordable purse.  Date being 30th October 2015,  a bevy of company’s dashing girls – they are in fact senior most managerial platoon with the brand and channel managers supported by national sales manager – led the path to product launch of great impact and endurance.

Form installation of atrium display up to end, the event was marked with dedication and penetrative minds, the expected result was the inevitable prediction; the success. The Crescat foyer ambiance filled with dedicated DJ music created a festive mood channeled the footpath to TEXSTRETCH BRAND; just the right modicum for product launch and its roaring success.

Product launch to Elasto Group is not something new being the pioneer of the sort having created Sri Lankan branding history by being the first in the field with its own inventions of vibrating, luminous Bambalapitiya Elasto Land mark hoarding and the glittering Mermaid in Bentota River in the years gone by. The latter in fact was waiting for the gush of Tsunami fold of waves to take her to a new resting domain unknown hitherto.

Couple of months ago it was ‘TT Mackintosh’ by Textrip [Pvt] Ltd. for ‘Health and care of loved ones’; a bedspread of great demand in medical parlor.

This spell was for ‘Health and Joy’ savvy customer.  And the launching of hassle free exercise products   made out of eco- friendly centrifuged latex, supports the planned structured physical activities. The products are presented with directions and instructions for easy combination of total work-out for muscle toning, muscle building, strengthening of bone mass physical, fitness training, development of aerobic exercises, rehabilitation of physical body system and attainment of overall health and wellbeing. The products eventually buy you in to integrated success elements in the mundane life [of course proper nutrition is a prerequisite in physical exercises].

LIFE WORTH LIVING; DISCOVERING SELF; and finally …….BECOMING YOU………. Is our brand theme for our loyal customer. Though new to the Lankan Consumer TEXSTRETCH product range is in the user domain of loyal customers and brand associates of Europe, USA and Pacific Rim Countries.

The company is being steered by its affable chairman Mr. Mangala Gunasekera.



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