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Medicare Jaffna 2018

Medicare Colombo 2018

The 9th edition of Medicare Sri Lanka held from 2nd to 4th March 2018 at the Sirimavo Bandaranaike Memorial Exhibition Hall (BMICH) in Colombo.


Elasto Group Celebrated “Elasto Day” on 12/02/2018 to commemorate its glamorous 70th year

Commemorated 6th death anniversary of its founder Chairman – Late Eng. Donald Gunasekera Esqr

“On the 28th July 2017, Elasto Group Commemorated 6th death anniversary of its founder Chairman – Late Eng. Donald Gunasekera Esqr with tree planting within the factory premises and offering free lunch to  all the employees of the Group”

Supporting Kurunegala Cricket

Textrip [ Pvt] Ltd  successfully conducted a ‘ Fitness and Nutrition -Awareness Program ’  for Kurunegala district  school  junior cricketers at Welagedara Stadium  at  Kurunegala on 08.07.2017 .

There were 105 participants and  resource personnel  were provided by the company for the benefit of Sri Lanka cricket.

Sport Camp of Elpitiya Education Zone at Gamini College, Bentota

Activities what we plan and implement today will reflect the world of our children tomorrow. This also means the world we live in is what our parents and forefathers have designed for us. Here we find the good, bad and the ugly. The wars we wage now, peace we enjoy now, religious divisions and also religious inter-dependence are all what we are made to face by our predecessors.  This introduction is apt to view and evaluate how Elpitiya Education Zone got its act together at Gamini College Ground- Bentota on 19, 20 and 21st May 2017.

With 25 schools coming in for 3 day residential coaching camp it was no easy task to manage the sporting community of children given the very task of handling school goers who are in to the adolescence.  The act however came in to reality with the zonal director Mr Sampath and the coaches and sports teachers including principal of Gamini College performing pivotal role.  They all had their field day at Bentota during three consecutive days imparting sports skills which naturally goes with leadership training and accompanied by physical training for healthy living. They did in fact instilled nuances of leader- making concepts in the given field of sports. In a sense they were stylized not in a sense of glitter but in quality of technique and sharing of knowledge; the main goal of the camp however being the training the athletes for their respective events.

What went in to add value to event was the donation made by  amiable Managing Director/Chairman of Elasto Group Mr Mangala Gunasekera who made a donation of resistance /therapeutic bands, making a donation of over Rs 75,000/= worth of resistance/therapeutic products for physical training activities in 25 schools.

The products which Elasto Group makes through its subsidiary Textrip [Pvt] Ltd.,    Resistance/Therapeutic Bands, Toners, Cliffs, Strips and Rings etc are a unique contribution to the sports science and exercise science with their multifaceted user benefits. Development of a person as a ‘wholesome person’ captures the attention in many a fora. But the precept of developing a person via physical development is a pre-requisite and a must is as old as human history. For instance Roman poet   Juvenal   expressed in a poem ‘ mens sana in corpore sano’ which leads to the premise that ‘ health means existence of both healthy mind  and healthy body’.  It is seemingly difficult task to achieve a healthy mind without healthy body. This lesson once learnt can take the human being to various level of achievement and happiness.


It’s the vision of the Elasto Group directorate that development of person as ‘wholesome one’ in order to be according to the company theme ‘becoming you’ is what is important to him or her. Every individual whether he or she is a school goer, sporting one, sporting professional, elder, invalid, immobile person due to injuries, and such like will find solace through the use of the Resistance/Therapeutic bands.  These easy to use tools bring right solutions to the preferred needs of the individual. As the ideal solution to sedentary life this solution is going to stay for longer time span.

Cardiovascular issues can be avoided by maintaining cardiovascular endurance program. Body needs increase use of oxygen. This can be achieved through aerobics and exercises. Actual fitness is the opportunity to use body movement to uptake more oxygen. Spending extra fat contents in body, finding balance in body and also finding fitness even at early stage of life is the key to leading a qualitative life style.  In essence Elasto Group speaks of a ‘Life Style’ which can be achieved at whatever stage of life.  Its for you to discover whether its worth probing and whether it is working for you!!!



‘Test of an organization is the spirit of the performance’ is what the management guru Peter Drucker penned in his famous book titled ‘Management’.  This was evidenced at the Soorya Mangallaya – 2017 of Elasto Group held on 23/4/2017 at Gamaini College Ground Bentota.

It was a ‘Gala Do’ repeated over the years; once as the trend setter in 60s and 70s. The event was organized by the HR Dept which usually takes the pivotal role in organizing such event. All the Welfare Committee Members sacrificed bit of their free time to make it a success; above all a memorable one permanently etched to the mind.

The event echoed well with the message given by MR Mangala Gunasekera, the amiable Chairman of the Elasto Group who in fact came in for admiration of every one for bearing the high cost of the event. He articulated the tradition with the hoisting of National flags and company flags.

Events followed in almost in the same sequence as last year but with the exception of adding the contest of MRS Elasto in place of New Year queen.

The event continuing well past the schedule closure time as happened every year however was not seen as the inability to pursue the time table but evinced the high demand for the event and the merry making.

The participation of Elasto members and their families were indeed commendable and worth repeating so it is left for continuation in the year 2018.



Prize awarding Elasto art exhibition

Winners of the Art exhibition held on 6th and 7th January 2017 were awarded,

1st Prize

Ms. Chamasha De Soyza Siriwardana,

2nd Prize

Ms. Manel Kumari

3rd Prize

Mr. Bhadrana Janadeepa Ranasinghe

Elasto Art Exhibition 2017

Rhyming with the ideology of Environmentalists to promote the ‘Protection of our Environment and Safeguarding our Water Resources ’. Elasto Group Bentota, walked along the same theme on 06/1/2017  and 07/1/2017 respectively by conducting a poster campaign among the children of its employees.

A large gathering was drawn to its factory auditorium at Bentota for sharing the experience.

Mr Mangala Gunasekera reigning Chairman/Managing Director is seen opening the exhibition on 06/1/2017. Also seen in the picture of Rev Porawagama Dhammawasa  Thero of Gane Purana Rajamha Viharaya, Bentota

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