WOOCS 1.2.5

Approach to sustainability

We reckon sustainability vis- a- vis profit maximization the key guide in our mission.?? Accordingly the initiatives are made to balance the business activities without compromising the future. As committed environmentalists we focus upon the environment we live in and those around us. All major company policies are directed to capture this core concept of sustainability and further reinforce our framework of activities.

CSR Policy

Our CSR Policy is founded upon the ‘Stakeholder model’ and we care for those who are considered as our stakeholder; our loyal customers, suppliers and service providers, loyal and committed employees, and   above all our investors. In brief anyone who is affected or the company is affected by in the matter of working on our mission.   We focus upon our product quality, customer care, fair practice at workplace, improvements to the product and product development, optimizing the utility of raw material, recycling of material or procuring recyclable raw material, and above all preserving of nature.

Our concern for the development of infrastructure and maintaining them in the immediate neighborhood where the bank of our employees live is a support to our employees and service providers.

Stakeholder engagement

In our drive we bring all our main stakeholders in to reckoning as stated before. Our core values are given a? pride of place and they are used to insulate the company value structure of the employees who take a formidable lead in this exercise of sustainability. Our suppliers, worthy and loyal customers and our confident investors are also brought in to a partnership to achieve sustainability as a per-requisite of a sound CSR policy.

Sustainability initiatives

We have a well-articulated policy on environment developed by the  company and our employees are being given awareness as to the constituents thereof. This leads us to develop initiatives to go for ISO 14001.

Also we are identifying the carbon foot prints and working upon obtaining carbon credit.

‘Go – Go GREEN’ is our catch phrase. We are in the process of creating a  comprehensive awareness program to educate our employees and through them the environs they live in and those around them.

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